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Alessia & Svetlana - Beachvideo Part1 4k

Alessia & Svetlana - Beachvideo Part1 4k
872 Alessia & Svetlana - Beachvideo Part1 4k for only 48.00 Euro.
The video is filmed in Ultra HD (4k) 25:10 min complete size 3,8 GB.

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In this video you see Alessia and Svetlana together on the beach. The leading role in this video has Alessia. You see scenes outside and inside the water. Very nice is how the girls play football. This video is mostly with original sound. This file you can only play on new computersystems. Please first check out of you can watch the previewclip on your computer/monitor, maybe with VLC Player. Please consider also, that only new computersystems are able to download files bigger then 2 GB.

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