Help the models

HELP for Rihanna

Rihanna urgently needs help!
If you are able to help her please get in contact with Rihanna directly. She needs money for new prosthesis. She has big problems with her old ukrainian prosthesis and she can not walk any more.
She will be very grateful for your help. Her Email is:
For your generous help you can chose a photoset or video of your choice from my products.

HELP for Michelle

Dear friends,
is there anybody out there who could help me to send me a new wheelchair?
My name is Ulia Mihailova. One year ago I had a terrible accident. In war in Ukraine my bus was hit by a bomb. I am still alive, but I lost one leg and one arm and I still suffer with big pain.
I urgently need a new wheelchair as my old one is very ugly.
If you have an idea or if you can help me you can write me personally.
My e-mail:
Thank you so much in advance.